Peter Osgood event

The Windsor and Royal Borough Museum, at the request of Cllr Ed Wilson, has put a small display together commemorating the life of Chelsea legend, Peter Osgood. The exhibition, based at Dedworth Library on Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE, will officially open on Saturday the 13th August at 12:00, with light refreshments being served in the ‘Community Room’ from 11:30.

The mayor will be in attendance and, of course, all Chelsea fans are invited along. The exhibition runs until December 2016.



Next Brompton Cemetery Clear Up Project Visit

The third outing of the CST-organised working party to tidy up Chelsea graves in Brompton Cemetery is at 11.00 on Saturday 6 August 2016.  As before, we will meet at the Fulham Road gates.  Both our previous sessions have been productive and enjoyable so if you are free, why not come along. Tools, gloves and a fine selection of biscuits and snacks are provided.

You can see how we got on at our first visit in March 2016, in our blog piece here. Our thanks, as always, to the Friends of Brompton Cemetery for providing support for our work and to Chelsea FC for providing the tools.

Trust Board Elections 2016-17

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Notice of Election

Applications for board positions in  2016-17 are now open.

1. The Board Election will coincide with the CST Annual General Meeting which will occur on the same date.

2. Voting for the election will commence in the form of an online poll following the close of the AGM and will continue for two weeks thereafter.

3. The election will be overseen by an independent Electoral Management Group (EMG) consisting of the CST Secretary, a member of the CST and an independent representative. For details on election policy, please contact the Trust Secretary by emailing [email protected].

4. There will be nine (9) positions to be elected onto the Trust Board. Candidates will be elected without portfolio and the Board, once elected, will decide on the positions to be held by each elected Board Member.

5. A person wishing to stand for election must:
a. Be a fully paid-up member of the Chelsea Supporters Trust;
b. Be nominated by one other fully paid-up member of the CST;
c. Complete a nomination form correctly and accurately, following the guidance outlined on the form;
d. Submit a candidate statement which will serve as a manifesto and be circulated to all members of the CST eligible to vote;
e. Return the nomination form and candidate statement no later than 2300 BST on Friday 29th July 2016. Any nomination forms returned after this time will not be admitted.

6. Decisions over the validity of nominations shall be a matter for the EMG. Any decision by the EMG not to accept a nomination as valid will be notified to the candidate as soon as practicable, whereupon the candidate may, if appropriate, take steps to rectify the situation.

7. The decision of the EMG is final. Any complaints made to the EMG concerning the result of the election must be made no later than three working days after the close of the poll. Any complaint after this time shall not be admissible.

Completed nomination forms should be returned to the Chair of the EMG via email: [email protected], or by post to: Chair of Electoral Management Group, Chelsea Supporters’ Trust, C/O 68 Holmesdale Road, Teddington TW11 9LG.

Note: No signatures are required if emailing, but name and email address of both candidate and nominator must be stated and it must be sent from same email address as the one registered on the candidate’s CST membership record.

By order of the Committee
Paul Jeffrey
[email protected]


The relevant forms and information in PDF format can be downloaded from the following links:
Election policy 2016-17
Nominations form 2016-17
A PDF copy of the Notice of Election 2016-17 can be downloaded here.

Advanced Notice of Annual General Meeting

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Advance Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016/17

1. By order of the Chelsea Supporters Trust (CST) Board, notice is hereby given, that it is the intention of the CST to hold an AGM and an election for the board of the society for the 2016/17 season.

2. The AGM will take place on the weekend of 13/14 August 2016. The date will be confirmed once fixtures scheduled for that weekend are announced. The AGM will take place on the alternate day to the Chelsea fixture. The venue for the AGM will be the Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge, SW6 1HS.

3. The agenda for the meeting, along with motions to be voted upon, will be announced no later than Monday 1st August 2016.

4. A number of motions will be put forward by the Board. There is also an opportunity for members to propose motions from the floor. A person wishing to propose a floor motion must:

a. Be a fully paid-up member of the Chelsea Supporters Trust;

b. Send the motion in writing by email to [email protected] by no later than 2300 BST on Friday 29th July 2016;

c. Ensure that the motion is seconded by two (2) paid-up members of the CST. The names and email addresses of the proposer and the seconders must be included in the email;

d. All motions from the floor must be in accordance with the aims and objectives of the CST and must not act to the detriment of the CST.

By order of the Committee
Paul Jeffrey
[email protected]

Chelsea Supporters Trust – Registered with FCA: 31940R

A PDF version of the AGM notice can be downloaded here.

Newsletter – June 2016

A short newsletter to briefly interrupt your summer break from all things Chelsea.

Annual CST Membership Survey

A reminder that the annual survey responses need to be submitted by end Sunday June 12th. The survey results do matter, as they drive CST strategy for the next twelve months and are also discussed in a face-to-face meeting with senior club executives. Your individual link was e-mailed to you on May 16th so if you have not yet responded, please take the fifteen or so minutes required to complete it, your views do matter.

Annual General Meeting and Elections

The CST AGM will be held on the first weekend of the new season, on August 13th or 14th depending on the fixtures. The AGM notice, together with details on how to stand for the CST board, will be issued to voting CST members in late June.
If you are considering standing for election to the Board and want to know more about what being a board member entails, feel free to get in touch with individual Board members or via [email protected] for some informal advice.

May SGM Podcast

Before the Spurs game we held an SGM in the Chelsea Pensioner. Lively discussions were held on a range of topics, and well-known Chelsea journalist Dan Levene did a fascinating Q&A. You can listen to the SGM here:

Part One:

Part Two:

Brompton Cemetery – Chelsea Graves

We are pleased to announce that following the CST’s first volunteer day at Brompton cemetery back in March, our next date will be Saturday July 2nd at 11.00am.

Once again we hope that some of our members can spare a few hours to help clear some of the overgrown areas around Chelsea FC related graves. We also plan to spruce up the grave belonging to CFC’s founding father, Gus Mears. It was a very enjoyable and satisfying day in March and we hope the one in July will be as rewarding.

Transport Information

Advance train ticket alerts from Please be aware fixtures are subject to change due to television demands, before booking:

Get a third off rail fares with the Two Together Railcard.

Travel to the Bridge by train? Weekend travel news from TfL:

Follow TfL travel status & updates on Twitter:

If you have comments or questions on any of the above information, or any other CST activity, please let us know: [email protected]


A PDF version of June 2016 newsletter can be downloaded here

Special General Meeting – 2 May 2016

The Chelsea Supporters Trust  Special General Meeting was held on
Monday May 2nd 2016, 14.15 at the Chelsea Pensioner (Cellar Bar), 358 Fulham Road, London SW10 9UU.


  1. Introductions
  2. Updates on progress and actions regarding motions passed at 2015 AGM, including:-

 Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
 Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
 Atmosphere and Safe Standing
 Ticketing and Supporter Issues
 Ticket Touting
 Membership of Safety Advisory Group
 Stakeholder Engagement

  1. CST 2016 Annual Board Elections, AGM and Members Survey – explanation of the processes and timetables.
  2. Current Issues (not included under 2.) including :-

 Proposed move to a temporary stadium
 Scheduling of TV games
 Liaison with Premier League
 Brompton Cemetery Chelsea Graves Project

  1. Question and Answer session with Dan Levene. Dan is a freelance journalist, known to many CST members (he organised the quiz at our 2015 AGM), who has a wealth of knowledge and opinions on all things Chelsea. Dan will be very happy to take questions from meeting attendees, and we are very grateful to him for his presence at the meeting. Those unable to attend can submit questions in advance to [email protected] by the evening of Saturday 30th April.

The audio of the meeting can be found here:

Part 1
Part 2

A written transcript will appear here soon.

IMG_6171 (Large)IMG_0765 (Large)IMG_0764 (Large)


Fans Forum – 20 April 2016


The third Chelsea Fans’ Forum of the 2015-16 season took place at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday 20th April 2016, to which the CST sent a representative.

The main items discussed at this meeting were the annual Chelsea FC survey, touting, stadium redevelopment, away ST views, away match pricing, and the SLO role.

The minutes of the meeting can be read here

The Survey Executive Summary 2016 can be read here

Newsletter – April 2016

Chelsea Supporters Trust – Newsletter – April 2016

As the season draws to an end, welcome to the latest CST newsletter, covering a number of current issues hopefully of interest to you.

Special General Meeting

You will have seen a short member survey asking whether you would be interested in attending an SGM before the Spurs game. We got sufficient interest to go ahead, and the meeting will be held in the basement of the Chelsea Pensioner pub, 358 Fulham Road, London SW10 9UU (just down the Fulham Road from Stamford Bridge, walking towards Earls Court) at14.15 on Monday 2nd May. The formal notice of meeting and agenda is being sent to members separately.
One agenda item is a Q&A with Dan Levene, a freelance journalist with a deep knowledge of all things Chelsea. Questions for Dan, or the CST board, can be raised at the meeting or, if you are unable to attend, emailed to [email protected] by Sunday evening.
After being unable to identify a suitable location for a meeting in February/March we held a Virtual General Meeting. We believe that these certainly have their place but we are committed to holding face-to-face meetings with members, as an important part of the communication process, and we received member feedback underlining this. We apologise that, on this occasion, we cannot broadcast the SGM live for members unable to attend. We will record the SGM and put up a podcast of the meeting on our website, in addition to producing meeting notes.

Annual General Meeting and Board Elections

As in previous years, the CST AGM will be held on the first weekend of the season (13th/14th August), on whichever day Chelsea are not playing. The formal meeting notice, request for motions etc. will be sent to members in late June. The AGM also triggers the annual board election process. If any of you are potentially interested in standing for the board, and wish to know more about what this entails, please speak to any board member or email us.

Annual Members Survey

We are planning to send the annual survey out earlier this summer, so we can collate the results and have them ready to present to the club at the start of next season, and to you at the AGM. As well as the standard questions, which enable us to track trends, there will be a small number of new questions including a section regarding the proposed move to a temporary stadium.

Brompton Cemetery Project

On Easter Saturday CST members, working with Friends of Brompton Cemetery and supported by the club and Chelsea official historian Rick Glanvill, participated in a cleanup of Chelsea-related graves in Brompton Cemetery. Photographs of the clean-up can be
seen here. The clean-up was seen as successful and worthwhile and we are planning to do this again – members will be notified of timings.

Meeting with the Premier League

A meeting was recently held between a CST board representative and Cathy Long, Head of Supporter Services at the Premier League. This followed us regularly raising concerns with her about the late announcement of fixtures rearranged to suit television, but the
discussion moved on to cover a number of other topics. These included ticket pricing, touting, away travel initiatives, the role of the club Supporter Liaison Officer and meeting was part of the ongoing stakeholder dialogue process and gave a chance for us to express concerns raised by our members.

Chelsea Pitch Owners Football Tournament at Stamford Bridge

The second Chelsea Pitch Owners football tournament is being held at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday 17th May. For information on how to enter a team, or to make an individual entry, please click the link here.

Plan International Football Tournament

CST member Clayton Beerman has asked us to mention a charity football tournament being held at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 19th May for Chelsea’s global charity partner, Plan International. Details on how to enter a team, or participate as an individual, are
shown here:

We will issue a final newsletter of the season next month, which will include the SGM

Transport Information

Advance train ticket alerts from Please be aware fixtures are subject to change due to television demands, before booking:

Get a third off rail fares with the Two Together Railcard.

Travel to the Bridge by train? Weekend travel news from TfL:

Follow TfL travel status & updates on Twitter:

If you have comments or questions on any of the above information, or any other CST activity, please let us know: [email protected]

A PDF version of April 2016 newsletter can be downloaded here.

Brompton Cemetery Clear Up Project – 26 March 2016

A neighbour of Stamford Bridge, Brompton Cemetery is the final resting place of many significant people who have a lasting connection with Chelsea Football Club, most notably the Mears family, Henry Augustus (Gus) Mears having founded our club on 10 March 1905. The meeting where the decision to set up the club was made took place in an upstairs room at the Rising Sun pub (currently the Butcher’s Hook) located opposite The Bridge. The wealthy landlord of the Rising Sun was Alfred Frederick Janes who, along with other members of his family, is also buried at Brompton Cemetery. It was this grave that the clear up team paid particular attention to, the site having been neglected for many years and obscured by a mass of overgrowth.

IMG_0621 (Large) IMG_0630 (Large) IMG_0624 (Large)

The clear up event was organised by Trust board member Cliff Auger along with club historian and Trust member Rick Glanvill and The Friends of Brompton Cemetery, with Chelsea FC providing the gardening tools. Rick was instrumental in seeking the required family permissions to allow the group to work on the grave, and he has also produced a leaflet charting the Chelsea related history of the cemetery, called Final Whistle: The Chelsea Football Club Trail at Brompton Cemetery.

A healthy turnout of 11 willing volunteers helped out on a grey Easter Saturday, including David Beauchamp of the Friends of Brompton Cemetery and Chris Mears, a descendent of the club’s founders.

After paying our respects at the Mears family plot, we moved on to the site of the Janes’s family grave and set about hacking our way through the thick overgrowth of ivy and bramble to the point where the surrounding area was sufficiently cleared to allow the splendid looking grave to be accessed and seen clearly once again. Sustained part way through with hot cross buns baked by Trust Chairman Tim Rolls and a few amusing stories from Chris Mears, the whole team felt they had made great progress before calling it a day, retiring to, where else, the Butcher’s Hook for some much needed refreshment following our thirsty work! But not before paying our respects at the grave of former Chelsea manager Bobby Campbell who sadly passed away last November.

IMG_0617 (Large) IMG_0632 (Large) IMG_0607 (Large)

It was a great start to the project and we plan to make it a regular event, the next visit due to take place after the end of this season.  If you would like to get involved please contact us at [email protected].

With grateful thanks to our members and friends who came along and helped out; Cliff Auger, David Beauchamp, Debs Coady, Diane Edwards, Steve Hadlow, Paula Harding, Neil Jones (joining us all the way from the West Midlands), Chris Mears, Celia Mindelsohn, Tim Rolls, and Dan Usher.

IMG_0639 (Large)IMG_9128

Virtual General Meeting – 23 March 2016

The Chelsea FanCast hosted the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust ‘Virtual General Meeting’

On the panel were Tim Rolls, CST Chairman; Richard Weekes, Membership co-ordinator & Social Media and David Chidgey, PR, Media & Communications.

The Trust is mandated to hold 4 public meetings per year including the AGM, and we are committed to having one of them as a ‘virtual’ rather than face to face meeting, broadcast live via Chelsea FanCast’s mixlr stream, so that those who unable to attend our meetings in person have the opportunity to participate and contribute.

The agenda for the meeting is below:

1. Introductions & thanks plus instructions re asking questions

2. Apologies re lack of face-to-face meeting

3. Ticket Pricing – reaction to club announcement and PL £30 cap.

4. Brompton Cemetery project

5. Temporary stadium, redevelopment and CPO.

6. Delay in announcement of TV games and dialogue with PL.

7. Other issues
7.1 Atmosphere in general
7.2 2016 survey
7.3 Website rebuild
7.4 Fans Forum
7.5 2016 AGM & Election Process

8. Questions to the panel