Newsletter – September 2016

Apologies for the lack of a Newsletter in August but we were somewhat pre-occupied with the AGM and subsequent elections.


Our third AGM was held on August 13th at the Copthorne Hotel. We had a good turn out at the meeting both in person and also with those listening in to proceedings on Chelsea FanCast’s mixlr channel. If you wish to listen to the AGM in full you can do so here.

At the meeting Tim Rolls, Chair, delivered the financial statement and the annual report (which can be viewed here) before moving on to the Motions for the coming year.

This was Tim’s last official meeting before standing down as Chair. IMG_4029The Board, on behalf of the membership would like to thank Tim for his tireless and committed work as our first Trust Chairman. It is fair to say that he has left us in a very healthy position and we have a strong foundation to build on and take the Trust forward in the future.

After the AGM most attendees stayed to compete for the second Chelsea Supporters Trust Quiz. Dan Levene was the quizmaster and the Chelsea Pensioners led by Tim Rolls pipped last years winners, Chelsea FanCast to the winners post. A more detailed review of the Quiz can be found here.


The election of the new Board and voting on the Motions presented in the AGM have now been completed.

In an affirmative vote all 9 candidates were elected to the Board and they are:

Cliff Auger; David Chidgey; Debs Coady; Charles Jackson; David Johnstone; Celia Mindelsohn; Chris Rayburn; Dan Silver and Richard Weekes. We extend a warm welcome and congratulations to new Board members Chris Rayburn and Dan Silver and thank Neal Beard, Jules Beattie and Iain Rodgers, who did not seek re-election, for their efforts on the Board over the last few years.

All the Motions were passed and we now have a mandate to work on them over the next year. Full details of the motions can be found here but in summary they include issues such as  CST Affiliations; Stamford Bridge Redevelopment; Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners ; Temporary Stadium; Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing; Ticket Pricing and Availability; Kick-Off Times; Membership of Safety Advisory Group; Ticket Touting; Stakeholder Engagement; Football in the Community; Club Heritage; CST Annual Membership Renewal Date; Supporters Club Ticket Allocations.

David Chidgey
David Chidgey

In the first meeting of the new Board held on 1st September, we elected a new Chairman – David Chidgey and a new Treasuer – Charles Jackson. Paul Jeffrey continues as Secretary. Over the coming weeks we will be setting up a number of working groups to ensure that we deliver on the motions passed in the recent elections and also to allow more accountability and responsibility. We’ll have details of the progress with this in the next newsletter.

Membership Survey

We are still collating the results of the membership survey released at the end of last season and hope to have this available to the membership in October. We will also have the opportunity to present this to the Chelsea FC board. This is one of our most important meetings of the year as it means we can directly present our members views on a wide range of supporter issues to those who run the Club.

Affiliate Meetings

Tim Rolls represented the Trust at a recent Premier League meeting with Richard Scudamore in attendance. Although nothing substantive came out of the meeting, it is a good opportunity to get the membership’s views across to the people running the game. Tim also presented a detailed analysis of the issues around Kick-off times – a topic of great frustration to our members.

Brompton Cemetery 

bromptonmilland8-10-16-36-mediumAnother successful morning helping to tidy Chelsea related graves in Brompton Cemetery was held on the weekend of the international break. We’ll be planning another morning, most probably during the next international break, so do come along – its great fun as well as for a worthy cause.

The next SGM

The next Special General Meeting will be held at the Atlas Pub 16 Seagrave Road London SW6 1RX AT 6.30 pm on Sunday 23rd October – after the Man Utd game.

As always we will be broadcasting the meeting live from and a podcast of the meeting will be available to download shortly after.

Top of the agenda will of course will be the results of this years Members Survey carried out over the summer and we also have a very special guest lined up…

Chelsea Legend Kerry Dixon will be in attendance and after the _91631874_kerrygoal_gettymeeting will be signing copies of his new biography “Up Front” and doing a short Q & A.

Numbers will be limited and its a members only event so make sure you’ve paid your membership fee!



A special guest for our Special General Meeting

Our next Special General Meeting (SGM) will take place on Sunday 23 October 2016, 6.30pm upstairs at The Atlas PH, 16 Seagrave Rd, London SW6 1RX, immediately following our home game against Manchester United.

We plan to kick off proceedings promptly at 6.30pm and to conclude official business by approximately 7.30pm. At the meeting we aim to bring news of recent Trust activities, including our latest membership survey results. An agenda should be available nearer the time.

The meeting will be recorded and posted as a podcast shortly afterwards by the Chelsea Football Fancast, and we are also hoping to broadcast the event live, technology permitting!


We are also extremely delighted to announce that Chelsea legend Kerry Dixon will be joining us for the meeting, and for an hour or so afterwards to chat about his exploits and to sign a few copies of his new book Up Front, available to buy on the night.

Please come along and find out what’s happening with the issues that matter to you. And to meet Kerry of course!

This is a Chelsea Supporters Trust members only event. You can sign up on the door, or join us through our web site here.


West Ham v Chelsea in the EFL Cup

Update: Ticket details have now been announced, Chelsea supporters have been given an allocation on 5182 tickets.  Details can be found on the club’s news statement here.

Following our victory at Leicester, Chelsea were drawn to play away at West Ham’s Olympic Stadium in the 4th round of the EFL Cup, on Wednesday 26 October 2016.

The CST is pleased to note that Chelsea FC have requested the full 10% allocation (5.7k), in line with competition rules.

This will be the first game at the Olympic Stadium involving two big rival teams and the management of large groups of rival fans will be under heavy scrutiny as a result of issues during the visits of other teams. The Metropolitan Police Football Unit along with Amanda Jacks  FSF Caseworker invited supporter reps of both clubs to police headquarters to discuss their event management and control.

The match day commander was keen for supporters of both teams to disseminate messages from the meeting to our respective fans. The following was written with the assistance of Amanda Jacks.

Main points raised:

  • The game has been designated as Category C, which is high (but not the highest) risk.
  • The police are aware that “old firm” Chelsea and West Ham fans may be in attendance. Amanda Jacks suggested they may well be but this doesn’t automatically mean they are out to cause or involve themselves in disorder which was agreed with.
  • The police actively want fans of both sides to mix freely and enjoy the match but they are also planning to identify an anticipated very small number of “troublesome individuals” and will deal with them appropriately.
  • Those attending with ideas other than supporting their teams need to understand the extent of CCTV coverage in and around the ground and that even if arrests are not made on the night, the police will work with the clubs to identify and arrest individuals.
  • The police will be monitoring potential flashpoint areas such as Liverpool Street, where fans of both sides might converge.
  • The police have a number of options at their disposal, but only should the need arise, including S35 dispersal powers and S60 stop and search powers.
  • The police will have a proportionate number of officers deployed on the operation plus support units.  It has yet to be decided what their dress code will be.
  • It is now common practice in London that police are not deployed inside football stadiums and this will be the case for this fixture.
  • However, police can and will enter the stadium if required and they will be deployed outside the ground and it’s vicinity before, during and after the match.
  • There will be barriers in place outside the stadium to assist with segregation.
  • It should be stressed that while it is fully understood the dynamic has changed due to WHU’s new stadium as far as the Met Police are concerned it’s just another game between two teams that have met on many occasions.
  • However, there will be more police on duty compared to a fixture at the Boleyn but this is simply because the ground and the surrounding area is larger.

Information for Chelsea fans:

  • Tickets will be sent out with a map of the stadium & surrounding areas. Allow at least 20 minutes to walk from Stratford Station to the Stadium. You may wish to take this map with you on the night. Do not rely on being able to take short cuts through the Westfield centre!
  • There are no designated away pubs in Stratford, and police advise that Liverpool Street and King’s Cross offer a good option for pre-match drinking, both with quick, direct transport links to Stratford.
  • Fans are advised to arrive early; the ground opens 2 hours before kick off, with food and alcohol on sale. All bottled drinks will be decanted into plastic cups.
  • Supporters with mobility issues can contact West Ham to arrange transport between Stratford Station and the Olympic Stadium. Details on pages 6 & 7 of the Away Fans Guide.
  • There will be 100% bag searches for both home and away fans plus eight turnstiles will be in use for away fans, so extra time should be allowed.
  • There are no plans for police to be deployed on segregation lines inside the stadium, SIA trained stewards will be in that role. If there is a reduction in our allocation it may be used to widen the segregation line, possibly up to 13 seats.
  • As with any policed match, holding away fans back at the final whistle is always part of a contingency plan but any decision in this regard will be made on the night of the game. As a tactic, it is very much one of last resort.
  • After the game egress will be managed by club stewards and police will be on hand at the stations.
West Ham seating plan
West Ham seating plan

Playfair Qatar Weekend of Action 15 October 2016

Over the weekend of October 15th, Playfair Qatar be holding  actions up and down the country to give fans a chance to show that they want FIFA to make Qatar play by the rules. From top flight league games to kickabouts in the park, fans will be making their voice heard about what’s being done in the name of football.

The Chelsea Supporters Trust has added its name to the Weekend of Action by organising a photo opportunity for fans attending the Chelsea v Leicester game on Saturday 15 October.

Join us adjacent to the cfcuk stall, opposite Fulham Broadway station, at 11.45am (remembering that the game is a 12.30 kick off!).

Stephen Russell, campaigns organiser at Playfair Qatar told us:

“Since our action outside Fulham Broadway Station [in April 2015], Qatar has been dragging its feet over reforms. A promise to abolish the kafala system that keeps workers trapped ended up being practically worthless, while a new law to guarantee payment of wages has already been shown to be failing. Qatar, and FIFA, need to be made aware that opposition to their current human rights policies is not going to go away, and fans – particularly through groups like Chelsea Supporters Trust – can have a big part to play in making that clear. “



Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Election Results

The results of the recent Chelsea Supporters Trust Board election and the voting on each CST Motion, as proposed in the AGM of 13th have now been released.

CSTAGM13.8.16-8 (Medium)The vote for the new Board was an ‘affirmative vote’ with 9 members standing for election or re-election. Each member required 50% of the vote to be elected.

We are delighted that each member standing received well over 90% and the following have been duly elected: Cliff Auger; David Chidgey; Debs Coady; Charles Jackson; David Johnstone; Celia Mindelsohn; Chris Rayburn; Dan Silver; Richard Weekes.

We trust the membership will extend a warm welcome to new Board members Dan Silver and Chris Rayburn and to the returning Board members as well.

The first meeting of the new Board was held on Thursday September 1st and with Tim Rolls standing down as Chair of the Trust, the new board’s first task was to elect a new Chair and a new Treasurer.

We are delighted to announce that David Chidgey was elected by the Board to be the new Chairman of the Chelsea Supporters Trust. Charles Jackson was elected as Treasurer and Paul Jeffrey will remain in position as Secretary.

In addition, we have now received the results of the voting for the Motions from the Board.

In short these are as follows (votes in favour in brackets): Approval of 2015/16 accounts (98.96%); CST Affiliations (99.48%); Stamford Bridge Redevelopment (100%); Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners (98.45%); Temporary Stadium (98.96%); Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing (96.89%); Ticket Pricing and Availability (100%); Kick-Off Times (97.40 %); Membership of Safety Advisory Group (99.48%); Ticket Touting (98.96%); Stakeholder Engagement (100%); Football in the Community (98.95%); Club Heritage (99.48%); CST Annual Membership Renewal Date (98.95%); Supporters Club Ticket Allocations (98.94%).

IMG_4031As you can see every Motion proposed by the Board has been backed positively and bar a percentage point or two unanimously!

This gives the new Board a very strong mandate from the membership going forward on the supporter issues that affect them most.

The Board are currently working on a new ‘working group’ structure to ensure that our work on these motions is expedited as effectively as possible over the next year. We will also be announcing a date for the first SGM of the season very soon.

To all of our members who took part in the AGM, the election of the Board and for voting on the Motions, many thanks. This democratic process is exactly what sets the Chelsea Supporters Trust apart in that we are answerable to the membership and we work on the issues mandated by the membership.




Chelsea quiz

Members attending our recent AGM on 13th August 2016 and who were able to hang around, were treated to one of fine Chelsea journalist Dan Levene‘s popular Chelsea quizzes, lovingly prepared especially for the event. Alas, an orange airline who shall remain nameless almost conspired to prevent our very own Bamber Gascoigne (ask your parents!) from attending. Thankfully board member Debbie Coady was there to kick proceedings off while Dan flew in and rushed across London to join us in time for round 2.

A very enjoyable quiz, with a range of questions of varying difficulty and from different eras of Chelsea’s history. The Chelsea Fancast team were there to defend their crown but it was the Chelsea Penioners who triumphed this year and who were awarded the coveted trophy.

Well done to all who came along and took part, and thanks also to the guys at Stamford Bridge who allowed us use of the room and provided light refreshments. And a big thank you to Dan Levene for spending some considerable time compiling the quiz questions as well as his sterling efforts to get there.

Would you like to give the quiz a go? The  questions are reproduced below and both the questions and answers can be downloaded at the end of the page.

CSTAGM13.8.16-16 (Medium)

CSTAGM13.8.16-13 (Medium)


CSTAGM13.8.16-14 (Medium)










Round 1

Q1  Whose refereeing did Didier Drogba brand a ‘f***ing disgrace’?

Q2 A Daily Telegraph investigations last month found that Stamford Bridge was overrun with rare species of what?

Q3 In terms of win percentage, who is the least successful manager in the history of Chelsea? (Min 20 games).

Q4 And who is the most successful? (Min 20 games).

Q5 True or false: Chelsea have an official whisky partner in Myanmar?

Q6 In the modern era of squad numbering, who was Chelsea’s first ever number nine?

Q7 What is the postcode of Stamford Bridge?

Q8 Which player has been named as a substitute for The Blues more than any other?

Q9 When Chelsea won the title in 2014/15, they had three ever-present PL players. Name them.

Q10 ‘Stamford bridge to Wembely! Step by step in harmony! Have a drink! It’s party time! Chelsea! Chelsea! You are mine!’ What is the song?

Round 2

Q1 After Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham in May, what four-word hashtag did John Terry place on Instagram?

Q2 Only one man has taken more than 10 penalties for Chelsea, and scored them all. Who?

Q3 Who will Chelsea face in the group stages of their first ever season in the EFL Trophy?

Q4 On 29th January 1969, Chelsea’s FA Cup fourth round replay against Preston North End, at Stamford Bridge, was abandoned in the 76th minute. For what reason?

Q5 Known to us simply as ‘Oscar’, what is his full name?

Q6 Gavin Peacock can often be found preaching the word of The Lord on Twitter, but in which country does he hold his church services?

Q7 Chelsea famously wore a grey and orange away kit in 1994-95, but how were those colours officially described my the manufacturers?

Q8 True or false: Chelsea have trademarked the use of the club name for sole use by them in connection with the production of breakfast cereals, including porridge?

Q9 Chelsea famously faced Jeunesse Hautcharage in the 1971/72 Cup Winners Cup. Were their opponents lacking (a) a full set of arms, or (b) a full set of eyes?

Q10 In 1982, from who did Chelsea sign David Speedie?

Round 3

Q1 Chelsea have only ever played competitively against one side beginning with the letter ‘Z’. Who?

Q2 Chelsea have twice scored eight goals in a league match, but only once scored nine. Who were the unfortunate opponents?

Q3 When Chelsea beat Everton at Stamford Bridge in their last title-winning season, the only goal was awarded to Frank Lampard by the dubious goals panel. Who did they take it away from?

Q4 In the current set-up, which of Stamford Bridge’s four stands has the greatest capacity?

Q5 Which Chelsea player was honoured as a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix?

Q6 In terms of played, won, drawn, lost – what is Chelsea’s all time competitive record against Real Madrid?

Q7 Chelsea were involved in both of the two fastest FA Cup final goals. Who were the scorers?

Q8 Who holds the club record for scoring most league goals in a single season?

Q9 Why did Chelsea wear red shirts on 13th November 1945?

Q10 What is the lowest position Chelsea have ever finished in the Football League?

Round 4

Q1 On 5th May 1982, Chelsea attracted their smallest ever crowd for a post-war league match at Stamford Bridge. Who were the opponents?

Q2 Who were the opponents in the first match played by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge?

Q3 Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech all went without one, but a Chelsea physio had not one but two testimonials. What was his name?

Q4 Chelsea lost to Juventus in an August 2002 pre-season game, by what unusual means?

Q5 True or false: Petr Cech is a twin?

Q6 Who said: “It was a 50-50 tackle… We clashed shins and: crack. I heard it go – it went right round the ground. I thought – ‘Bo**ocks!”

Q7 Whose hugely valuable, and somewhat contentious will was witnessed by Glenn Hoddle, plus a London taxi driver.

Q8 Who was the only Chelsea player to fail to score his penalty in the 2012 Champions League final?

Q9  In 1898, Stamford Bridge hosted a world cup final – in which sport?

Q10 Chelsea’s Full Members Cup triumph in 1986 came just 24 hours after the team won a league game at The Dell. The team was unchanged but for one name – who missed out?

And for our picture round, name the players:
(right click and save to download image)

Quiz photos


Download the quiz questions and answers here:

CST quiz 2016 – Questions

CST quiz 2016 – Answers


Next Fans’ Forum meeting – 12 September 2016

The first Fans’ Forum of the new season will take place on Monday 12th September 2016. The new stadium project team have been invited to present at the meeting and representatives of the Forum have been invited to submit questions to the team about queries concerning the development.

We will be forwarding issues raised by our membership survey that cover both questions on the new stadium and issues during the interim period at a temporary stadium.  Members are invited to submit questions to us for our Fans’ Forum representative to take forward to the meeting.

Please send your questions for the stadium project team to [email protected] by 26th August 2016 at the latest to ensure inclusion. Please use the subject ‘Fans Forum’ for your email. We will post a link to the responses here when we have them (ie. when the minutes of the meeting are published).

Chelsea Supporters Trust AGM 13th August 2016 Podcast

The podcast of the Chelsea Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting held at The Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge on Saturday 13th August.


Tim Rolls was in the Chair and there were contributions from CST board members: Cliff Auger; Debs Coady; David Johnstone; Neil Beard; Celia Mindelsohn; Richard Weekes and David Chidgey as well as contributions from various CST members.


On the agenda:
1. Welcome and apologies
2. Chairman’s report – overall report on Trust issues
3. Secretary’s report
4. Treasurers report
5. 2016 Membership survey – feedback of results
6. Board Elections
7. Motions from the CST board
7.1 Approval of 2015/16 Accounts and Use of Independent Examiner
7.2 Chelsea Supporters Trust affiliations
7.3 Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
7.4 Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
7.5 Temporary Stadium
7.6 Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing
7.7 Ticket Pricing and Availability
7.8 Kick-Off Times
7.9 Membership of Safety Advisory Group
7.10 Ticket Touting
7.11 Stakeholder Engagement
7.12 Football in the Community
7.13 Club Heritage
7.14 CST Annual Membership Renewal date
8. Any other business

Return to Brompton Cemetery – 6 August 2016

On a blisteringly hot and sunny Saturday in August, we returned for our third visit to Brompton Cemetery to continue the great clear up work from previous visits.

Unfortunately, weeds and bramble have a nasty habit of growing back, so our first job was to remove the regrowth from the grave of Alfred Frederick Janes, landlord of the Rising Sun pub (now the Butcher’s Hook) where the decisive meeting to form Chelsea Football Club took place.

Our next stop was the final resting place of John Henry Maltby, a founding director of the club, present at that famous meeting in the Rising Sun. This was the first time the group have worked on this grave so there was plenty to do.  As with the Janes grave, a pathway has been created to the location so that visitors can access it quite easily.

Brompton6.8.16-5 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-3 (Large)








Our third port of call was the monument dedicated to the Mears family, very much a part of Chelsea’s history.  Here we cleared away alayer of red (don’t ask!) stones from inside a kerbed area, which allowed us to replace them with the first batch of blue shaded stone chippings. We plan to return to extend this decorative feature.

Brompton6.8.16 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-2 (Large)








Finally we dropped by at the final resting place of William Claude Kirby, who was Chelsea’s first Chairman, a position he held for 30 years. His headstone contains the fabulous inscription “The game is greater than the player”, wise words indeed!

Brompton6.8.16-14 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-12 (Large)

With grateful thanks to all who came along to help out; Lucy, Dan, Steve, Francis, Adrian, Debs, a special mention to Tim who provided home made sausage rolls and banana bread and to Cliff who has worked tirelessly to make the project the success it is, working with the Friends of Brompton Cemetery and club historian Rick Glanvill.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time, we will be returning on Saturday 3 September 2016, meeting at the Fulham Road gates at 11am.

You can download Rick’s informative guide to the Chelsea graves here:  Final Whistle: The Chelsea Football Club Trail at Brompton Cemetery

Brompton6.8.16-8 (Large)


Peter Osgood event

The Windsor and Royal Borough Museum, at the request of Cllr Ed Wilson, has put a small display together commemorating the life of Chelsea legend, Peter Osgood. The exhibition, based at Dedworth Library on Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE, will officially open on Saturday the 13th August at 12:00, with light refreshments being served in the ‘Community Room’ from 11:30.

The mayor will be in attendance and, of course, all Chelsea fans are invited along. The exhibition runs until December 2016.