Statement: Recent Bans of Chelsea Supporters


Statement: Recent Bans of Chelsea Supporters

“The Chelsea Supporters Trust notes that a number of seemingly draconian supporter bans from Stamford Bridge were implemented yesterday. We are extremely concerned about this issue, are currently looking into the exact circumstances of these bans and, where deemed appropriate, will be looking to help those concerned.

Chelsea Supporters Trust

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  1. Hello

    I was at the Europa League Final with my son and a friend,(Season ticket holders Shed lower) We arrived in Amsterdam on the Tuesday afternoon. We were drinking in the Pubs around the red light district and enjoying the atmosphere and banter with other Chelsea fans, later that on there was singing and general banter with Chelsea and Benfica fans, my son leaned back on a very small window and the window broke, it was an accident but my son was snatched by six plain clothes Dutch snatch squad and taken to the police station. I followed them to the police station where I tried to explain it was an accident and pay for the broken window but my son was kept in overnight. Me and my friend spent all of Wednesday trying to explain what happened and pay for the damage to the window my son was finally released from a prison yes a prison at 6.30pm it cost me 300 Euros for his release, 150 for the damage to the window and 150 for being kept in overnight. The two young Dutch police officers at the prison who questioned my son were very good and agreed it was an accident, this is why he was released and allowed to see the game. We caught our early flight on Thursday morning back to Gatwick.
    To cap it all my son tried to purchase tickets for the Manu away game but could not log in, he called Chelsea and got put through to security who informed him that he was on suspension
    ( No letter or nothing) Later that week he was told it was a 3 year ban, security told him that if he was innocent why did he pay them 300 Euros, he said that if he had not of paid, he would have missed the game and his flight which would have cost him a lot more plus not being able to get to work. he never denied breaking the window, but it was an accident and the damage has been paid for.
    He has since written to the security at Chelsea but as yet no reply, season ticket paid for, empty seat, 3 YEAR BAN FOR AN ACCIDENT.

    Derek Sewell 07973361475

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