Special General Meeting – 21 November 2015

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust  Special General Meeting held 21 November 2015

Issues Raised From The Meeting:

These notes focus on specific issues raised by members during the meeting. They are not designed to be formal meeting minutes. The results of the annual CST Members Survey, which formed the basis of much of the discussion, were sent to members recently and a link appears in the December CST newsletter. Issues already raised in the survey results commentary are not repeated.
The points raised by these questions and comments will be raised with the club as appropriate.

The full meeting can be listened to as a podcast by clicking here

Ticket Pricing

Members raised concerns about the continued high prices of home and away tickets across the Premier League. Support was expressed for the CST working with the FSF on ticketing campaigns, especially given the 2016/17 increase in TV revenues.

Concessionary Seating

Concern was expressed that the senior citizens concessionary seats are located in the East Upper, which has obvious accessibility issues. It was suggested more appropriate locations be found in both the temporary stadium and the redeveloped Stamford Bridge.

Away Travel

The continued subsidy of domestic away travel was generally welcomed. Concern was expressed with regard to the cost of Thomas Cook overseas trips compared with those operated by other clubs. A subsidy on expensive London derby away tickets, which do not require subsidised travel, was suggested.

Purchasing Tickets

The policy change by the club, limiting online ‘Friends and Family’ purchases to four per individual at one time, as opposed to ten, was generally welcomed. The waiting time in the Virtual Waiting Room has reduced as a result and those in the queue have a greater chance of obtaining a ticket.

Ticket Exchange

Although the introduction of the Chelsea Ticket Exchange was welcomed, concern was expressed that the seller retained the loyalty points for that game and the purchaser received none.

Chelsea Pitch Owners

The overwhelming support in the AGM motions for the retention of the CPO in its current form post-redevelopment was reiterated. Members were encouraged to purchase a CPO share. Shareholders were encouraged to attend the CPO AGM on 29th January 2016.

Ticket Touting

As well as contacting the police and council, it was suggested that the CST board should try and meeting with the British Transport Police, to raise concerns about the overt touting of tickets on TFL property.

Temporary Stadium

The point was raised that no new season tickets should be issued for the temporary stadium. The whole issue of season tickets, including possible ‘sabbaticals’ for existing season ticket holders, was covered in a note sent recently to the club regarding ticketing and facilities at whichever temporary stadium the club move to.

Stamford Bridge Redevelopment

The question was raised as to whether the club would sell debenture season tickets for the redeveloped Stamford Bridge. This was felt unlikely, given the small number of extra season tickets currently proposed post-redevelopment.

A separate note relating to the Q&A session on policing and stewarding with Alison Gurden and Melanie Cooke will be circulated to members in due course.

Fans Forum – 18th November 2015


The second Chelsea Fans’ Forum of the 2015-16 season took place at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday 18th November, to which the CST sent a representative.

The main items discussed at this meeting were European away tickets, ticket touting and season tickets in multiple names

The minutes of the meeting can be read here

Membership survey – 2015

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust 2015 Membership Survey

About the Survey

This is the third annual Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Membership survey. The goal of the annual survey is to identify the issues that Chelsea supporters care about. This survey was conducted from the end of the football season (25 May) and the end of June 2015. It was sent out to approximately 2,020 Trust members. The overall response rate was 30%.

This year a decision was taken to limit questions about ticketing and the stadium, including atmosphere, to members who attend matches. The aim of this was to reduce the number of ‘not applicable’ answers and make the survey simpler to fill out. This change does not appear to have made a material difference to the trends of the previous years.

Below is a summary of the survey.

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Membership Survey 2015


The quantifiable results of the survey are generally on a par with the previous year; ticket prices and atmosphere considered to be the main concerns, while approval for Club administration remains healthy. Management stability and development of young players continue to receive a high agreement rating.

A number of new issues were raised this year. Concerns about access to away tickets, the purchase processground capacity and touting have a basis in increased demand due to the team’s success during the season.

The extension of the age range for juvenile tickets, while welcomed, has raised problems of its own. Availability of this concession is in the Family Section but very few tickets are available in this area since most is given over to season tickets. The suggestion is to make concessionary tickets available in all parts of the ground, setting a cap on numbers if necessary to minimise loss of revenue.

The extortionate price of some away game tickets is noted. Price categorisation has made Chelsea supporters victims of their own success with several opposition clubs charging £50 or more. Chelsea also operate this policy and this makes the cost of regular attendance at home games a problem for non-season ticket holders. The survey’s respondents were enthusiastic for the Football Supporters’ Federation campaign for an across the board reduction in away ticket prices.

Safe standing, relocation of away supporters and tourists and cheaper ticket prices are seen as the means to improve the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. Whilst acknowledging that the Premier League TV windfall has been used well by the Club to subsidise away travel and some away tickets, the majority of participants agree that TV money should be used to reduce prices across the board.