Chelsea quiz

Members attending our recent AGM on 13th August 2016 and who were able to hang around, were treated to one of fine Chelsea journalist Dan Levene‘s popular Chelsea quizzes, lovingly prepared especially for the event. Alas, an orange airline who shall remain nameless almost conspired to prevent our very own Bamber Gascoigne (ask your parents!) from attending. Thankfully board member Debbie Coady was there to kick proceedings off while Dan flew in and rushed across London to join us in time for round 2.

A very enjoyable quiz, with a range of questions of varying difficulty and from different eras of Chelsea’s history. The Chelsea Fancast team were there to defend their crown but it was the Chelsea Penioners who triumphed this year and who were awarded the coveted trophy.

Well done to all who came along and took part, and thanks also to the guys at Stamford Bridge who allowed us use of the room and provided light refreshments. And a big thank you to Dan Levene for spending some considerable time compiling the quiz questions as well as his sterling efforts to get there.

Would you like to give the quiz a go? The  questions are reproduced below and both the questions and answers can be downloaded at the end of the page.

CSTAGM13.8.16-16 (Medium)

CSTAGM13.8.16-13 (Medium)


CSTAGM13.8.16-14 (Medium)










Round 1

Q1  Whose refereeing did Didier Drogba brand a ‘f***ing disgrace’?

Q2 A Daily Telegraph investigations last month found that Stamford Bridge was overrun with rare species of what?

Q3 In terms of win percentage, who is the least successful manager in the history of Chelsea? (Min 20 games).

Q4 And who is the most successful? (Min 20 games).

Q5 True or false: Chelsea have an official whisky partner in Myanmar?

Q6 In the modern era of squad numbering, who was Chelsea’s first ever number nine?

Q7 What is the postcode of Stamford Bridge?

Q8 Which player has been named as a substitute for The Blues more than any other?

Q9 When Chelsea won the title in 2014/15, they had three ever-present PL players. Name them.

Q10 ‘Stamford bridge to Wembely! Step by step in harmony! Have a drink! It’s party time! Chelsea! Chelsea! You are mine!’ What is the song?

Round 2

Q1 After Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham in May, what four-word hashtag did John Terry place on Instagram?

Q2 Only one man has taken more than 10 penalties for Chelsea, and scored them all. Who?

Q3 Who will Chelsea face in the group stages of their first ever season in the EFL Trophy?

Q4 On 29th January 1969, Chelsea’s FA Cup fourth round replay against Preston North End, at Stamford Bridge, was abandoned in the 76th minute. For what reason?

Q5 Known to us simply as ‘Oscar’, what is his full name?

Q6 Gavin Peacock can often be found preaching the word of The Lord on Twitter, but in which country does he hold his church services?

Q7 Chelsea famously wore a grey and orange away kit in 1994-95, but how were those colours officially described my the manufacturers?

Q8 True or false: Chelsea have trademarked the use of the club name for sole use by them in connection with the production of breakfast cereals, including porridge?

Q9 Chelsea famously faced Jeunesse Hautcharage in the 1971/72 Cup Winners Cup. Were their opponents lacking (a) a full set of arms, or (b) a full set of eyes?

Q10 In 1982, from who did Chelsea sign David Speedie?

Round 3

Q1 Chelsea have only ever played competitively against one side beginning with the letter ‘Z’. Who?

Q2 Chelsea have twice scored eight goals in a league match, but only once scored nine. Who were the unfortunate opponents?

Q3 When Chelsea beat Everton at Stamford Bridge in their last title-winning season, the only goal was awarded to Frank Lampard by the dubious goals panel. Who did they take it away from?

Q4 In the current set-up, which of Stamford Bridge’s four stands has the greatest capacity?

Q5 Which Chelsea player was honoured as a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix?

Q6 In terms of played, won, drawn, lost – what is Chelsea’s all time competitive record against Real Madrid?

Q7 Chelsea were involved in both of the two fastest FA Cup final goals. Who were the scorers?

Q8 Who holds the club record for scoring most league goals in a single season?

Q9 Why did Chelsea wear red shirts on 13th November 1945?

Q10 What is the lowest position Chelsea have ever finished in the Football League?

Round 4

Q1 On 5th May 1982, Chelsea attracted their smallest ever crowd for a post-war league match at Stamford Bridge. Who were the opponents?

Q2 Who were the opponents in the first match played by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge?

Q3 Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech all went without one, but a Chelsea physio had not one but two testimonials. What was his name?

Q4 Chelsea lost to Juventus in an August 2002 pre-season game, by what unusual means?

Q5 True or false: Petr Cech is a twin?

Q6 Who said: “It was a 50-50 tackle… We clashed shins and: crack. I heard it go – it went right round the ground. I thought – ‘Bo**ocks!”

Q7 Whose hugely valuable, and somewhat contentious will was witnessed by Glenn Hoddle, plus a London taxi driver.

Q8 Who was the only Chelsea player to fail to score his penalty in the 2012 Champions League final?

Q9  In 1898, Stamford Bridge hosted a world cup final – in which sport?

Q10 Chelsea’s Full Members Cup triumph in 1986 came just 24 hours after the team won a league game at The Dell. The team was unchanged but for one name – who missed out?

And for our picture round, name the players:
(right click and save to download image)

Quiz photos


Download the quiz questions and answers here:

CST quiz 2016 – Questions

CST quiz 2016 – Answers


Next Fans’ Forum meeting – 12 September 2016

The first Fans’ Forum of the new season will take place on Monday 12th September 2016. The new stadium project team have been invited to present at the meeting and representatives of the Forum have been invited to submit questions to the team about queries concerning the development.

We will be forwarding issues raised by our membership survey that cover both questions on the new stadium and issues during the interim period at a temporary stadium.  Members are invited to submit questions to us for our Fans’ Forum representative to take forward to the meeting.

Please send your questions for the stadium project team to by 26th August 2016 at the latest to ensure inclusion. Please use the subject ‘Fans Forum’ for your email. We will post a link to the responses here when we have them (ie. when the minutes of the meeting are published).

Chelsea Supporters Trust AGM 13th August 2016 Podcast

The podcast of the Chelsea Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting held at The Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge on Saturday 13th August.


Tim Rolls was in the Chair and there were contributions from CST board members: Cliff Auger; Debs Coady; David Johnstone; Neil Beard; Celia Mindelsohn; Richard Weekes and David Chidgey as well as contributions from various CST members.


On the agenda:
1. Welcome and apologies
2. Chairman’s report – overall report on Trust issues
3. Secretary’s report
4. Treasurers report
5. 2016 Membership survey – feedback of results
6. Board Elections
7. Motions from the CST board
7.1 Approval of 2015/16 Accounts and Use of Independent Examiner
7.2 Chelsea Supporters Trust affiliations
7.3 Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
7.4 Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
7.5 Temporary Stadium
7.6 Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing
7.7 Ticket Pricing and Availability
7.8 Kick-Off Times
7.9 Membership of Safety Advisory Group
7.10 Ticket Touting
7.11 Stakeholder Engagement
7.12 Football in the Community
7.13 Club Heritage
7.14 CST Annual Membership Renewal date
8. Any other business

Return to Brompton Cemetery – 6 August 2016

On a blisteringly hot and sunny Saturday in August, we returned for our third visit to Brompton Cemetery to continue the great clear up work from previous visits.

Unfortunately, weeds and bramble have a nasty habit of growing back, so our first job was to remove the regrowth from the grave of Alfred Frederick Janes, landlord of the Rising Sun pub (now the Butcher’s Hook) where the decisive meeting to form Chelsea Football Club took place.

Our next stop was the final resting place of John Henry Maltby, a founding director of the club, present at that famous meeting in the Rising Sun. This was the first time the group have worked on this grave so there was plenty to do.  As with the Janes grave, a pathway has been created to the location so that visitors can access it quite easily.

Brompton6.8.16-5 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-3 (Large)








Our third port of call was the monument dedicated to the Mears family, very much a part of Chelsea’s history.  Here we cleared away alayer of red (don’t ask!) stones from inside a kerbed area, which allowed us to replace them with the first batch of blue shaded stone chippings. We plan to return to extend this decorative feature.

Brompton6.8.16 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-2 (Large)








Finally we dropped by at the final resting place of William Claude Kirby, who was Chelsea’s first Chairman, a position he held for 30 years. His headstone contains the fabulous inscription “The game is greater than the player”, wise words indeed!

Brompton6.8.16-14 (Large)Brompton6.8.16-12 (Large)

With grateful thanks to all who came along to help out; Lucy, Dan, Steve, Francis, Adrian, Debs, a special mention to Tim who provided home made sausage rolls and banana bread and to Cliff who has worked tirelessly to make the project the success it is, working with the Friends of Brompton Cemetery and club historian Rick Glanvill.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time, we will be returning on Saturday 3 September 2016, meeting at the Fulham Road gates at 11am.

You can download Rick’s informative guide to the Chelsea graves here:  Final Whistle: The Chelsea Football Club Trail at Brompton Cemetery

Brompton6.8.16-8 (Large)


Peter Osgood event

The Windsor and Royal Borough Museum, at the request of Cllr Ed Wilson, has put a small display together commemorating the life of Chelsea legend, Peter Osgood. The exhibition, based at Dedworth Library on Smiths Lane, Windsor, SL4 5PE, will officially open on Saturday the 13th August at 12:00, with light refreshments being served in the ‘Community Room’ from 11:30.

The mayor will be in attendance and, of course, all Chelsea fans are invited along. The exhibition runs until December 2016.



Annual General Meeting 2016

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Chelsea Supporters Trust will be held at 14:00 on Saturday 13 August 2016 in the Attenborough Suite, Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS.

Light refreshments will be provided.

The agenda is reproduced below and can also be downloaded here.

The standing orders for the AGM can be downloaded here.

The draft accounts and annual report can be downloaded here.

Following on from the AGM, and after a short break, Dan Levene will once again host our Chelsea-centric quiz, which was keenly contested last time. There are prizes to be won, and a winners trophy for the victors!
All members welcome.

Chelsea Supporters Trust 2016 AGM

Registered office 68, Holmesdale Road, Teddington, Middlesex TW11 9LG

Registered with the FSA: 31940R

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Chelsea Supporters Trust will be held at 14:00 on Saturday 13th of August 2016 at the Attenborough Suite, Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS.

AGENDA (please see accompanying notes for further information)

  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Chairman’s report – overall report on Trust issues (to be circulated, with accounts, to members by e-mail in advance of the meeting)
  3. Secretary’s report
  4. Treasurers report
  5. 2016 Membership survey – feedback of results
  6. Board Elections
  7. Motions from the CST board
    7.1  Approval of 2015/16 Accounts and Use of Independent Examiner
    7.2  Chelsea Supporters Trust affiliations
    7.3  Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
    7.4  Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
    7.5  Temporary Stadium
    7.6  Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing
    7.7  Ticket Pricing and Availability
    7.8  Kick-Off Times
    7.9  Membership of Safety Advisory Group
    7.10  Ticket Touting
    7.11 Stakeholder Engagement
    7.12 Football in the Community
    7.13 Club Heritage
    7.14 CST Annual Membership Renewal date
    7.15 Supporters Club Ticket Allocations
  1. Motion from the floor
  2. Any other business
  3. Close

Following the success of last year’s quiz, organised and compered by Dan Levene, a similar event will be held after the AGM (at c16:20), in the Attenborough Suite.

By order of the CST board
Paul Jeffrey,



No voting will take place at the AGM itself. Instead, voting for both the board elections and motions raised at the AGM will take place in the two weeks following the conclusion of the AGM. The voting will take place online through SurveyMonkey. On the next working day following the AGM (Monday 15th August 2016), members will receive an email containing a unique link to SurveyMonkey where they will be able to vote in favour or against motions raised at the AGM .


The board elections will not be contested as there are 9 candidates standing and 9 positions available. The board election will thus take the form of an affirmative vote of each candidate in accordance with rule 8.3 of the CST Election policy (noted below).

Motions from the Chelsea Supporters Trust Board

Motion 1. Board Elections

Elections to the Board of the Chelsea Supporters Trust are uncontested as there are 9 candidates standing for 9 positions. As such, election to the Board shall take place in accordance with Rule 8.3 of the CST Election policy which states:

‘If there are as many or fewer candidates than there are places, an affirmative ballot shall be held at the AGM. Each successfully nominated candidate will be put before the meeting for the approval of members. Any candidate not receiving the support of more than half of those present in person and by proxy shall be deemed to have not been elected. The exception shall be that should the failure to elect any of the validly nominated candidates leave the Board below the minimum required under the Rules for them to act, all validly nominated candidates shall be deemed elected by the EMG and this declared at the AGM.’

The prospective Board Members are as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Cliff Auger
  • David Chidgey
  • Debra Coady
  • Charles Jackson
  • David Johnstone
  • Celia Mindelsohn
  • Chris Rayburn
  • Dan Silver
  • Richard Weekes


Motion 2. Approval of 2015/16 Accounts and Use of Independent Examiner
The Chelsea Supporters Trust accounts for the year ended 31/5/16 are approved.  Provided revenue remains below £100,000 p.a., in line with accepted practise the Chelsea Supporters Trust Board should continue to appoint an independent examiner at the end of each financial year, rather than an auditor.

Motion 3. Chelsea Supporters Trust Affiliations
The Chelsea Supporters Trust should continue to affiliate to Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation, work with these organisations as appropriate to further the interests of Chelsea supporters, and football supporters in general and take part in national and local campaigns as deemed appropriate.

Motions 4-16 are submitted to the membership following issues which arose in the 2015/16 season and/or were raised in a review of the results of the June 2016 membership survey. The background to a number of these issues, and details of progress in the past twelve months, will be contained in the 2015/16 Chelsea Supporters Trust Annual Report, to be circulated to voting members in advance of the AGM.

Motion 4. Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
The Chelsea Supporters Trust Board notes with approval the continued clear desire of the club owner for Chelsea to remain at Stamford Bridge, and the work that has taken place towards achieving this.  The CST board is mandated to continue to work with the appointed consultants, the club and other relevant stakeholders to help ensure supporter opinion is properly and openly taken into account with regard to issues such as facilities and ticket pricing as the process moves forward.

Motion 5.  Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
Regardless of the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea Supporters Trust board believes that the retention of the CPO in its current role is an essential safeguard for Chelsea supporters with regard to the long-term future of Stamford Bridge.  It is mandated to continue to work with the CPO board, and other appropriate bodies, towards fulfilling this aim.

Motion 6.  Temporary Stadium
Regardless of when Chelsea move to a temporary stadium, to which location and for whatever duration, the Chelsea Supporters Trust board believes that such a move presents significant opportunities with regard to the implementation an attractive ticket pricing structure, including the opportunity to attract significant numbers of young supporters.  Given this, it is mandated to press the club for such a structure to be implemented.

Motion 7. Atmosphere Concerns and Safe Standing
The Chelsea Supporters Trust board is mandated to continue to work with the club and other supporters groups looking to improve the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge, as appropriate. The results of the Safe Standing survey carried out amongst Chelsea supporters in 2014 indicated overwhelming support for Safe Standing. The Board is mandated to continue to campaign for standing sections to be introduced as part of the Stamford Bridge redevelopment and at other football stadia, as part of the wider national ‘Safe Standing’ campaign co-ordinated by the Football Supporters Federation.

Motion 8. Ticketing / Supporter Issues
The £30 cap on away Premier League tickets shows what can be done by concerted campaigning, especially in the light of the extra TV money received by Premier League clubs.  The Chelsea Supporters Trust board is mandated to pursue the issue of fair ticket pricing and ticket allocation as well as matters including, but not limited to, rearranged fixtures, away fan travel and stewarding/policing, through whichever channels they deem appropriate. These channels include, but are not necessarily limited to, Chelsea FC, the Premier League, the Football Association, relevant television companies, other Supporters Trusts, the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct.

Motion 9.  Kick-Off Times
The number of Premier League games rearranged to suit the television companies, and the short notice given for such rearrangements, causes both inconvenience and cost to match-going supporters.  The Chelsea Supporters Trust board is mandated to work with other supporters trusts and appropriate bodies to push the TV companies and Premier League for more notice to be given for such rearrangements, for published deadlines to be strictly adhered to and, where appropriate for supporters to be compensated for the extra cost.

Motion 10. Membership of Safety Advisory Group
The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is a statutory council-led committee set up under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975. The Chelsea SAG has representation from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Metropolitan Police Service. British Transport Police, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, London Ambulance Service, St John’s Ambulance Service, the Sports Ground Safety Authority and the club. It meets twice a year to discuss relevant issues with regard to Chelsea Football Club. The Chelsea FC SAG Terms Of Reference can be downloaded here.

After representations to the local council in late 2015, the Chelsea Supporters Trust now have the opportunity to review the SAG agenda, submit items for discussion and review the meeting minutes.  The Chelsea Supporters Trust board believe that, though this is progress, there is no valid reason whatsoever why full membership should not be granted and are mandated to push for this.

Motion 11.  Ticket Touting
The Chelsea Supporters Trust board is mandated to use its involvement with the Safety Advisory Group  with a view to reducing the activities of ticket touts in the Fulham Broadway area before Chelsea home games and to participate in campaigns designed to achieve this.  It is also mandated to work with organisations represented on the SAG to assist in educating potentially vulnerable groups in the perils of purchasing tickets in this way, or through using unofficial on-line ticketing organisations.

Motion 12. Stakeholder Engagement
The Chelsea Supporters Trust Board has made some progress since its inception in terms of building relationships with relevant stakeholders at a local and national level.  The board is mandated to build on this work and to develop relevant effective working relationships with Chelsea FC, Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Andy Slaughter (MP for Hammersmith), Metropolitan Police Service, British Transport Police, Premier League, Football Association, relevant broadcasting organisations, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and other bodies as deemed appropriate. Where deemed to be more effective (e.g. with the Premier League, FA, broadcasting organisations and DCMS), these relationships are to be built working in conjunction with other supporters trusts or other appropriate organisations.

Motion 13. Football In The Community
The Chelsea Supporters Trust Board is mandated to participate in and support appropriate activities designed to promote football, Chelsea FC and its supporters in the community local to Chelsea FC. This could, for example, take the form of charitable work or through supporting specific supporter based campaigns as they arise.

Motion 14. Club Heritage
Building on the Brompton Cemetery Chelsea Graves project, the Chelsea Supporters Trust Board is mandated to work with the club, club historian Rick Glanvill and other appropriate bodies/individuals to identify appropriate projects to reflect and enhance the club’s heritage.

Motion 15. CST Annual Membership Renewal date
To simplify administration and enable a more effective renewal process, the Chelsea Supporters Trust board recommends that there is a single annual renewal date for memberships. To implement this, the board recommends that the next renewal date for those whose memberships were current on 31 May 2016 is set to 1 June 2017 and annually thereafter. Those making automatic payments via Paypal can either continue payment on anniversary date of joining or adjust their payments to be made on 1 June.

Motion 16. Supporters Club Ticket Allocations
The Chelsea Supporters Trust board has had representations from supporters clubs in the UK and abroad with regard to the perceived unfairness of the ticket allocation by the club to different categories of supporters club. They are mandated to work with affiliates, and other supporters clubs, to identify a potential fairer solution and present it to the club

Motions from the floor

Motion from Steve Laurie:

The Trust should liaise with Chelsea Football Club to ensure that an open and transparent dialogue is conducted with Kingstonian FC in preparation (and for the aftermath) of the agreed purchase of Kingsmeadow from AFC Wimbledon.

Trust Board Elections 2016-17 – Update

The closing date for the call for nominations to the CST board passed at 23:00 on 29th July 2016 and the formal process of election will shortly begin. Details of that process can be found here.

Nine board positions are available and nine nominations were received so the formal membership election process will take the form of an ‘affirmative vote’ which means a candidate will require 50% of the membership vote in order to affirm their place on the board. More information on this can be found on the agenda for this year’s AGM.

As with previous elections, the process of an online poll of the voting  membership will commence following the close of the AGM, which takes place on Saturday 13th August, at 2pm in the Attenborough Suite, Copthorne Hotel, Stamford Bridge. Further details about the AGM and information on our post-meeting event can be found here.

The nine nominees are listed below, and the 2016-17-CST Board Election candidate manifestos can be downloaded here.

(in alphabetical order)

Cliff Auger
David Chidgey
Debra Coady
Charles Jackson
David Johnstone
Celia Mindelsohn
Chris Rayburn
Dan Silver
Richard Weekes



Next Brompton Cemetery Clear Up Project Visit

The third outing of the CST-organised working party to tidy up Chelsea graves in Brompton Cemetery is at 11.00 on Saturday 6 August 2016.  As before, we will meet at the Fulham Road gates.  Both our previous sessions have been productive and enjoyable so if you are free, why not come along. Tools, gloves and a fine selection of biscuits and snacks are provided.

You can see how we got on at our first visit in March 2016, in our blog piece here. Our thanks, as always, to the Friends of Brompton Cemetery for providing support for our work and to Chelsea FC for providing the tools.