Results of motion and survey – April 2021

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Thank you to all of the Members who responded to our recent survey regarding the proposed European Super League


Proposed motion:

The CST strongly rebuke Chelsea FC for their planned involvement in the failed European Super League. This venture threatened the club’s legacy and reputation and has damaged the club’s leadership’s standing with supporters.

The CST board will seek to hold the club to account for its actions on this matter and will seek a meaningful statement on how the club intends to rebuild its relationship with supporters and involve them more fully, effectively and intrinsically going forward.

The CST board is further mandated to oppose, using all means available to it, any future attempts to exit existing sporting structures without the agreement of key stakeholders, with supporters at the forefront.

 All voting members were eligible to vote, and the result is as follows:

96% of votes cast were in favour, therefore the motion is to be adopted.


Full results of survey 

Question 1

What is your opinion of Chelsea FC’s proposed participation in a European Super League?

Answer Choices Responses
Strongly Support 0%
Support 1%
No opinion 1%
Oppose 10%
Strongly Oppose 88%


Question 2

Chelsea FC published a letter to supporters regarding the club’s proposed involvement in and subsequent withdrawal from a proposed European Super League. The statement can be read here. Which of the below statements best reflects your opinion on the letter to supporters?

Answer Choices Responses
I am totally satisfied with Chelsea FC’s response 4%
I am somewhat satisfied with Chelsea FC’s response 30%
I am neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with Chelsea FC’s response 16%
I am somewhat dissatisfied with Chelsea FC’s response 33%
I am totally dissatisfied with Chelsea FC’s response 17%

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