Chelsea Supporters Trust

What is the Chelsea Supporters Trust?

The Chelsea Supporters Trust is :-

  • A non-profit making Supporters Trust, with membership open to all Chelsea Football Club supporters worldwide;
  • Wholly independent of Chelsea Football Club but seeking an ongoing positive dialogue with them;
  • Run on a democratic one member, one vote principle with annual board elections and regular meetings;
  • Committed to proactive and mutually beneficial dialogue with the club and other stakeholders including the local community, local council, relevant media and other supporters groups.


The Chelsea FC Supporters Trust aims to :-

  • Encourage the board of Chelsea Football Club to take into account the interests of all supporters (both UK and Overseas based) and of the local community (businesses, residents, local authorities etc) when making decisions that impact upon them;
  • To actively and professionally engage with all relevant stakeholders on matters of interest and concern to Chelsea supporters;
  • Act as an effective means of communication between club and supporters;
  • Build on the work done by the Fans Forum in enabling issues of concern with supporters to be raised with the club;
  • Work with Supporters Direct and other Supporters Trusts on pan-club issues like ticket prices, kick-off times;
  • Work in partnership with existing supporters groups, websites, fanzine, podcasts etc. without detracting from their independence.

Short Term Objectives

  • Work to the Trust’s constitution, conduct an effective membership drive, and work as a united Board;
  • Continue with a dialogue with club officials (including the Supporters Liaison Officer) and other stakeholders;
  • Continue to participate in the Fans Forum (started 2013/14 season);
  • Create an effective membership communications platform.

Medium / Long Term Objectives

  • Enhance the current effective working relationship with the Supporters Liaison Officer and apply pressure for this to be a stand-alone role;
  • Affiliate with as many Chelsea supporters’ groups, fanzines, websites, blogs, podcasts etc. as possible;
  • Improve two-way communication for the benefit of supporters and the Club and build effective relationships with other stakeholders, including the local community;
  • Actively promote sale of CPO shares to supporters;
  • To have an elected supporters representative on the CPO board;
  • To have an elected supporters representative on the board of Chelsea Football Club (a very long-term objective).

We welcome input from Chelsea Supporters ‘wherever you may be’ so come to the meetings or contact us directly to let us know what we can do on your behalf.

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