CST Ticketing Progress Update and Survey Launch – January 2022

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The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust (CST) continues to share the frustrations of all supporters with regards to the VWR (Virtual Waiting Room), the Ticketing System and a number of the existing ticketing policies.

On 4.11.21, the CST informed our members that improving the ticket buying process for supporters is a top priority of the Trust. Over the past few months, we have been working hard to lay the foundations to implement the significant change which is clearly required.

What have we done?

In November 2021, we presented a comprehensive document to the Chelsea FC board. This document was written collectively by the CST board and detailed existing problems with our ticketing system and ticketing policies used by Chelsea. Rather than simply outlining the issues, the CST provided constructive feedback as well as recommendations on how to improve the ticket buying process for supporters.

The meeting was productive, and CFC conveyed that they would be open to making changes and would listen to the Trust and supporters.

The full document can be found here/via the link below.

What are the next steps?

Following the meeting and our presentation of this document, Chelsea agreed to work closely with the CST board on this matter. The Trust hopes that a collaborative approach will greatly improve the ticket buying process for supporters.

We are committed to ensuring that changes are made – supporters must be put first.

It is now time for us to gather the thoughts, opinions and feedback from our members.

What can you do?

Please read the full ticketing document

On Wednesday (12th Jan) the CST are launching a full ticketing survey for all CST members. Members will receive the survey this Wednesday morning and will remain open for two weeks and close on January 26th 2022 at 09:00 GMT.

We hope that this survey will build on the already detailed ticketing document. It is vital that a large demographic of supporters’ views are included.

We will continue to communicate with our members about any progress made.

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