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The CST are pleased to introduce a series of regular updates to members about feedback that we receive on key issues.

Our ‘You said, we did’ articles will cover a range of matters & will address some of the things that we are doing to get a better deal for supporters.

Our first update is below

You SaidWe Did
“What is the CST doing about all of the touted tickets and those on third-party websites?”The CST has seen a significant increase in the number of tickets being sold above face value on secondary selling sites.

We are equally disgusted to see so many tickets on these sites and are doing everything we can to bring them to the attention of CFC. We keep a log of various tout sites and provide links & screenshots to CFC often. Supporters regularly come to the CST with information on illegal tickets – we pass this to the club immediately and we are pleased that CFC has taken positive action as a result.

CFC has reassured us that they have a comprehensive system in place to eradicate touts and that they are making significant progress in clamping down on touts. They unfortunately remain vague on the specific details of what they are actually doing.

The CST has urged the club to significantly improve communication with supporters on how they are preventing and pursuing tickets from being listed and sold on secondary selling sites.
“The ticket system is a disgrace – it doesn’t reward loyalty.”We believe that the existing system is flawed and needs to do more to reward loyalty. 70% of respondents to our latest survey agreed that a loyalty points system must be in place and the Trust has communicated to the club that more must be done to ensure that loyal supporters have access to away tickets.

CFC has stated in the past that it does not want to create a closed shop. The Trust will continue to apply pressure on club officials to re-evaluate the current approach.

We understand the frustrations of many supporters regarding recent low- allocation fixtures being sold on this season’s loyalty points. When we queried this, CFC communicated that the ticket policy is unambiguous and is set every April for the following season.
“The CST don’t really care as they’re all on the corporate away scheme and get priority access through the back door.”The CST strongly opposed the Club Chelsea away ticket allocation increases in 2021. We believe that the percentage of tickets allocated to Club Chelsea for away fixtures should be reduced. We continue to urge the club to address this.

2 out of the 9 CST board members are on the general admission away scheme. The remaining 7 are standard STHs who purchase tickets via the VWR like everyone else. We often miss out on away tickets and are equally as frustrated as other supporters. No CST board member is a member of Club Chelsea or a hospitality section. We receive nothing for our time and pay for our tickets home & away if successful in the VWR.
Additional comments:The lack of insight and information on ticketing is concerning. The CST has recommended to the club that they run a series of ticketing ‘myth-busting’ sessions to inform people about the system and answer questions. It is vital that the club are accountable & more transparent.

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