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Have you been to a Chelsea European Away game in the last 4 years ?  If so, the UK Football Policing Unit are wanting to ask supporters about their experiences when following UK teams away in Europe.

The aim of this is to take feedback on away UEFA fixtures played in the last 4 seasons, with a view of working with UEFA to identify persistently poor places for supporters to travel in respect of safety/security/service.

Similarly, they wish to identify good practices and hopefully implement them more widely across Europe. This is being sent to supporters of all clubs who have partaken in European fixtures recently.

This is about your experience attending the game at the away ground and NOT about getting tickets, travel or interaction with Chelsea FC.

Also, the questions being asked are directly from the UK Football Policing Unit, and not the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust.

For any games you have attended, they are wanting you to rank your match experience  for Safety, Security, and Service.

  • Safety: Considering entrance, the match and exit did you feel safe? e.g. Was there adequate space, the rake of the terrace/ seating, was it easy to get in and out?
  • Security: Did the police/ stewards/ security adequately protect you from any threats such as attacks from home fans, missiles etc? Was searching effective and proportionate?
  • Service: Were you made to feel welcome and given an enjoyable experience? e.g. Were stewards and security personnel helpful? Were toilet and catering facilities adequate?

Only answer for games you have attended.

Please click here for the link to the survey 

You do not have to provide your name or contact details if you do not wish so.

The deadline for completing this survey is Friday 22nd December 2023

We appreciate you may have already been sent the survey by our friends in Chelsea Supporters Club or Chelsea Supporters Group, but you are welcome to use this link if you prefer. All responses are sent to the same place.

The CST will collate the information and send it to the UK Football Policing Unit so they can combine it with the answers from other clubs.

We will naturally provide any feedback the UK Football Policing Unit give us.

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