Chelsea Disabled Supporters’ Association Meeting

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Thank you to everyone who attended the open meeting at the Millennium Hotel after the Fulham game on 13th January 2024.

Our thanks also go to Chelsea FC for their help with the venue and support for setting up the Association.

Minutes of the meeting can be found here.

Following the meeting, we are in the process of forming a steering committee, at the moment this is enough to start a working group for the DSA. 

We will still tap into those who have shown an interest and are especially looking for help with social media. 

We feel this is important to get things progressing and grow our DSA as we know how important a DSA is for all of us. 

The feedback has been positive and show how wanted and needed a DSA is for our club.

We would therefore like to ask if there are any opposing views if, for the meantime, we stay within the umbrella of CST, as this was our initial idea and intention.

This means we can reach more supporters, have continued support and reach a bigger audience from CST, which we hope will encourage more support and raise awareness. 

We have spoken to Level Playing Field and they are happy with this idea going forward.. 

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the **Unite For Access Campaign**, being run by Level Playing Field that runs for two weeks between 24th February and 10th March.

We would also like to ask if anyone is willing to write a piece for the Unite For Access Campaign.. This year’s focus is on invisible disability,

if you are interested please could you send your submission to us at [email protected] before 24th February, this will be shared on social media and the CST website. 

It can be match day experiences, a poem,  etcetera. Should you wish to remain anonymous we will support this. 

Not only will this raise awareness for invisible disabilities, but also be an educational tool for others. 

If you have any questions, or need to know more, then please to not hesitate to contact us at  [email protected]


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