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It has been announced that Sheffield United v Chelsea FC will now kick-off at 17:30 on Sunday 7 April.

We have been informed that the change has had to be made due to the Sheffield Half Marathon which takes place earlier that day. There has been a suggestion that the decision makers were unaware of the Half Marathon when initially authorising the lunchtime kick-off, despite the Sheffield Half Marathon being a long standing event in the city centre.

In a season where Chelsea have kicked-off only four times at the traditional 3pm and have had many inconvenient kick-off timeslots (including the first XMAS Eve fixture in 28 years), this is just another kick in the teeth to loyal matchgoing supporters.

This is the latest occasion of supporters being treated with disrespect, especially as this issue was totally foreseeable.

Our message to all parties involved with fixture scheduling is clear, stop treating matchgoing supporters with total disrespect or risk stadiums becoming lifeless, soulless, and without passion.


Our message to supporters

We are aware that a number of supporters will have already purchased non-refundable train tickets or will be charged a fee to change their ticket. We invite these supporters to contact us with details about any additional expenses this fixture will cost them. We will then collate and send to The Premier League & clubs. Please do not send any receipts and we cannot guarantee any refunds.

Contact us: [email protected]

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