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Thomas Cook

Further Update :

Chelsea have now released  a statement regarding European and  Domestic travel arrangements. The statement can be found here :


Earlier Update :

The initial post followed discussions we had with the club at the end of last week. This morning has seen news that Thomas Cook has since gone into administration. We will continue to press the club to provide information and guidance for supporters and update you when we get more news.

The CST has approached the club with regard to the potential impact on supporters who have booked travel arrangements with Thomas Cook Sport, should they be unable to meet their obligations.

The club have confirmed that they have not spoken with Thomas Cook Sport about the Thomas Cook situation.

As far as they know it is business as usual, although clearly a difficult situation for their staff.

However they are monitoring the situation closely and the club and Thomas Cook Sport are making arrangements as normal.

Ideally the CST would like the club to contact those who have booked with Thomas Cook Sport for trips to Lille and Southampton and reassure that there is a contingency plan should the company be unable to fulfil its obligations.

We will update you if we hear anything more from the club.

Using Twitter to help supporters get home from away games

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust is appreciative of the fact that Chelsea FC has for some time subsidised travel for those supporters based in the South East who attend away games. However we are also aware that many supporters still have significant journeys home when club transport arrives back in the south east, whether this be at the main train stations or for coaches at Stamford Bridge. This can lead to expensive journeys home for many supporters, particularly when returning from evening fixtures where access to public transport is limited.

CST would like to help to facilitate contact between supporters who would be interested in connecting with others in the same situation through social media. Therefore we suggest that supporters who wish to share cost of travel back, or offer / receive lifts, use the following Twitter hashtags to connect:

Those on the club train:  #cfctrain then add their preferred destination

Those travelling on club coaches:  #cfccoach then add coach number and preferred destination

For example someone on the club train looking to share transport towards Sutton after the Sunderland game could use Tweet #cfctrain Sutton. People travelling towards nearby locations can then connect via the Direct Message feature to arrange to meet up. Please note it is necessary for both people to follow each other on Twitter to be able to DM each other.

Hopefully use of these hashtags will help facilitate communication and will make supporters journeys home from the point club transport ends less costly and inconvenient.


This is a new idea, with thanks to CST board member Chris Rayburn. Tell us what you think, and how the initiative might be improved and developed.