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FA Cup Ticket Price Protest

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We are The Shed and the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust are planning a visual protest at The FA Cup Final to show our disgust at the ticket prices. 

When The Chairman of The FA is presented on the pitch, shortly after ‘Abide with Me’, to shake hands with dignitaries and officials, we urge all supporters turn their backs on the pitch until he has left the pitch.

We urge supporters of both teams to take part and spread the word, to help create a powerful visual protest against FA Cup Final ticket prices and show that collectively we can collaborate, make a point and take action.

This year has seen a substantial increase in ticket prices compared with last season’s final, with the largest allocation of tickets (category 2) increasing in price by 35%.

We urge all those attending the game to take part and help get the message across to The FA that, as football supporters, we are against blatant profiteering at the expense of the supporters and treating us contemptuously as cash cows.

We have had enough and it needs to stop.

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6 replies on “FA Cup Ticket Price Protest”

At least some people are fortunate to get a ticket for the final.One season my daughter & I went to every round of the FA Cup up to the semi final, but when it came to get tickets for THE FINAL, we had absolutely NO CHANCE, due to THE ALLOCATION (mainly to corporate i guess) & (loyalty) POINTS system, as we were members at the time.Where was the LOYALTY in that?

That’ll help, not much of a protest as you’ve still paid the ticket price to get in.

The only ticket I could have brought was £145 getting 4 together for people I normally go to football with I wasn’t going to pay that. **** the FA

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