Board Elections

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust board act on the behalf of our members. Each year we hold an election for who is on the CST board. We also survey all voting members if they agree or disagree with a number of motions. The board will then use the result of the survey as our mandate to carry out those motions.

The results of the elections and motion surveys from previous years can be found below.

  • CST Motions & Mandate 2016-17

    During the election process of the Chelsea Supporters Trust the Board submit to the membership a number of issues which arose in the 2015/16 season and/or were raised in a review of the results of the June 2016 membership survey. The background to a number of these issues, and details of progress in the past twelve months,…

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  • Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Election Results

    The results of the recent Chelsea Supporters Trust Board election and the voting on each CST Motion, as proposed in the AGM of 13th have now been released. The vote for the new Board was an ‘affirmative vote’ with 9 members standing for election or re-election. Each member required 50% of the vote to be…

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  • Trust Board Elections 2016-17 – Update

    The closing date for the call for nominations to the CST board passed at 23:00 on 29th July 2016 and the formal process of election will shortly begin. Details of that process can be found here. Nine board positions are available and nine nominations were received so the formal membership election process will take the…

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  • Trust Board Elections 2016-17

    Chelsea Supporters’ Trust Notice of Election Applications for board positions in  2016-17 are now open. 1. The Board Election will coincide with the CST Annual General Meeting which will occur on the same date. 2. Voting for the election will commence in the form of an online poll following the close of the AGM and…

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