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Special General Meeting – 2 May 2016

The Chelsea Supporters Trust  Special General Meeting was held on
Monday May 2nd 2016, 14.15 at the Chelsea Pensioner (Cellar Bar), 358 Fulham Road, London SW10 9UU.


  1. Introductions
  2. Updates on progress and actions regarding motions passed at 2015 AGM, including:-

 Stamford Bridge Redevelopment
 Future of Chelsea Pitch Owners
 Atmosphere and Safe Standing
 Ticketing and Supporter Issues
 Ticket Touting
 Membership of Safety Advisory Group
 Stakeholder Engagement

  1. CST 2016 Annual Board Elections, AGM and Members Survey – explanation of the processes and timetables.
  2. Current Issues (not included under 2.) including :-

 Proposed move to a temporary stadium
 Scheduling of TV games
 Liaison with Premier League
 Brompton Cemetery Chelsea Graves Project

  1. Question and Answer session with Dan Levene. Dan is a freelance journalist, known to many CST members (he organised the quiz at our 2015 AGM), who has a wealth of knowledge and opinions on all things Chelsea. Dan will be very happy to take questions from meeting attendees, and we are very grateful to him for his presence at the meeting. Those unable to attend can submit questions in advance to membership@chelseasupporterstrust.com by the evening of Saturday 30th April.

The audio of the meeting can be found here:

Part 1
Part 2

A written transcript will appear here soon.

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Special General Meeting – 21 November 2015

Chelsea Supporters’ Trust  Special General Meeting held 21 November 2015

Issues Raised From The Meeting:

These notes focus on specific issues raised by members during the meeting. They are not designed to be formal meeting minutes. The results of the annual CST Members Survey, which formed the basis of much of the discussion, were sent to members recently and a link appears in the December CST newsletter. Issues already raised in the survey results commentary are not repeated.
The points raised by these questions and comments will be raised with the club as appropriate.

The full meeting can be listened to as a podcast by clicking here

Ticket Pricing

Members raised concerns about the continued high prices of home and away tickets across the Premier League. Support was expressed for the CST working with the FSF on ticketing campaigns, especially given the 2016/17 increase in TV revenues.

Concessionary Seating

Concern was expressed that the senior citizens concessionary seats are located in the East Upper, which has obvious accessibility issues. It was suggested more appropriate locations be found in both the temporary stadium and the redeveloped Stamford Bridge.

Away Travel

The continued subsidy of domestic away travel was generally welcomed. Concern was expressed with regard to the cost of Thomas Cook overseas trips compared with those operated by other clubs. A subsidy on expensive London derby away tickets, which do not require subsidised travel, was suggested.

Purchasing Tickets

The policy change by the club, limiting online ‘Friends and Family’ purchases to four per individual at one time, as opposed to ten, was generally welcomed. The waiting time in the Virtual Waiting Room has reduced as a result and those in the queue have a greater chance of obtaining a ticket.

Ticket Exchange

Although the introduction of the Chelsea Ticket Exchange was welcomed, concern was expressed that the seller retained the loyalty points for that game and the purchaser received none.

Chelsea Pitch Owners

The overwhelming support in the AGM motions for the retention of the CPO in its current form post-redevelopment was reiterated. Members were encouraged to purchase a CPO share. Shareholders were encouraged to attend the CPO AGM on 29th January 2016.

Ticket Touting

As well as contacting the police and council, it was suggested that the CST board should try and meeting with the British Transport Police, to raise concerns about the overt touting of tickets on TFL property.

Temporary Stadium

The point was raised that no new season tickets should be issued for the temporary stadium. The whole issue of season tickets, including possible ‘sabbaticals’ for existing season ticket holders, was covered in a note sent recently to the club regarding ticketing and facilities at whichever temporary stadium the club move to.

Stamford Bridge Redevelopment

The question was raised as to whether the club would sell debenture season tickets for the redeveloped Stamford Bridge. This was felt unlikely, given the small number of extra season tickets currently proposed post-redevelopment.

A separate note relating to the Q&A session on policing and stewarding with Alison Gurden and Melanie Cooke will be circulated to members in due course.

Annual General Meeting – 9 August 2015

Minutes of Chelsea Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting held at 14.00 on Sunday August 9th 2015 in Attenborough Suite, Stamford Bridge

The CST Board motions, candidate manifestos and CST Annual Report referred to below can be found on the CST website, links at the foot of this document.

The meeting was declared quorate by the Chelsea Supporters Trust (CST) Secretary Paul Jeffrey, and commenced at 14.00.

1. Welcome and Apologies

Apologies were received from CST Board members David Johnstone and Stuart Kinner.

2. Chairman’s Report

The chairman went through the Chelsea Supporters Trust 2015 Annual Report which had been distributed to members electronically in advance of the meeting and is available on the CST website. The following additional points were made by members, both physically at the meeting and from those participating via the internet:-

2.1 The Future of Stamford Bridge

There was a lively discussion on the ‘broad brush’ plans shown to supporters over the summer.
The need for a ticket pricing structure to allow attendance by young supporters, and those supporters priced out by the current structure, was stressed. The amount of corporate seats in those plans (c15,000), and the value of the new Premier League TV deal, should give plenty of opportunity for such affordable pricing to be introduced in the new stadium. Concern was expressed with regard to the siting of away supporters in the plans and surprise raised that there plans featured no walkway to West Brompton.
Charles Rose, a Chelsea Pitch Owners director, but attending in a personable capacity as a CST member, made the point that the current provision for disabled supporters was unacceptable, and urged the CST to help ensure that the new stadium gave disabled supporters and their carers appropriate facilities. He also pointed out that the stadium consultant had stated that there would be c5,000 seats for young supporters and locals.
The point was raised was raised that ticket pricing at whichever temporary home Chelsea relocate to, should take into account the extra costs many supporters will incur in travelling to that stadium, be it Stratford, Twickenham or Wembley. The club were praised for making it clear up front that a temporary move would be necessary, and that it was a case of ‘short term pain, long term gain’.
Further, updated, consultation is scheduled for early September.

2.2 Safe Standing and Atmosphere

Representations were made to the club that the trophy presentation at the last game of the season was mishandled, in that most of the presentation action took place at the Matthew Harding Stand end of the ground and spectators elsewhere could see very little. They accept that improvements would need to be made at any future trophy presentations.
There was a general feeling that the atmosphere initiatives had significantly improved things last season, and those individuals and groups involved, such as the ‘We Are The Shed’ group, were congratulated.

2.3 Ticketing / Supporter Issues

The point was made by several members that the new TV deal gives a real opportunity for Premier League clubs to reduce prices, and that the CST needs to work with other trusts to help achieve this. Concern was raised that a focus on cheaper away tickets (the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign) could lead to away ticket priced being reduced but home supporters getting no benefit.
The Chelsea away ticket/travel subsidy of c£450k in 2014/15 and c£500k this season was praised.

2.4 Safety Advisory Group Membership

The point was made that street touting (see 2.5) is an ideal topic to be discussed at the SAG

2.5 Touting

Wembley have a ‘dispersal order’ process in place for touts and Hammersmith & Fulham Police are investigating whether such a process could work at Stamford Bridge. The CST board were asked to raise with the club whether all cup tickets could be put on season tickets, reducing considerably the number of paper tickets in circulation at such games.

3. Secretary’s Report

No questions were raised.

4. Treasurers Report

No questions were raised.

5. 2015 Membership Survey

A high level analysis of the results was presented. Full results will be sent to members in the next few weeks.

6. CST Board Elections

There are 11 candidates for nine board positions. The candidate manifestos are available on the CST website. Voting opens tomorrow (members will be sent an email with the appropriate link) and is open for two weeks. Results will be announced within two weeks of the vote closing.

7. Motions from the CST Board

The Chairman went briefly through the various motions submitted by the board, including the Annual Report and Accounts. Voting on these motions follows the same process as the board elections and the email will contain the appropriate link.
Charles Rose of the Chelsea Pitch Owners board outlined the importance of the CPO given the proposed stadium redevelopment. He stressed the criticality of the next few months, the role of the CPO board in establishing a case for the retention of the CPO in its current form regardless of redevelopment and the need to consider the very long term should the club make any offer to CPO shareholders.

8. Any Other Business

8.1 Members expressed verbal support for the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust in their campaign calling for a public inquiry into West Ham’s planned move to the Olympic Stadium.

8.2 The board were asked to discuss ways of improving engagement with local residents groups.

8.3 Members raised upcoming anniversaries – 20 years since the death of Matthew Harding, 10 years since Peter Osgood and (in Sept 2016) 50 years since the naming of The Shed. The board were asked to raise these with the club.

8.4 The recent sad passing of CST member Karim Kassam was noted.

8.5 A member asked the board to discuss their view on Chelsea FC’s partnership with Uber.

8.6 The next Special General Meeting is likely to be on Saturday 21st November, after the Norwich home game.

8.7 Departing CST Board members Stuart Kinner, Theresa Magee and Ross Mooring were thanked for their efforts over the past three years, since the formation of the CST.

The meeting closed at 16.00.

Tim Rolls
Chair, Chelsea Supporters Trust

Chelsea Supporters Trust 2015 Annual Report

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